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Your Delage Committee

Clive HG - Reverendpixel.jpg
President/Events Organiser
Clive Hamilton-Gould

I found my 1925 DISS Coupe in a barn in 1963 with the original owner, and was lucky enough to be gifted the car as a wedding present in 1979.  I was a founder member of the Delage Association in 1966.  I also own a DISS Tourer which I have restored over many years.  In the past I have also owned a DR70, a D6/70Coupe and a D6/75 Saloon.  I have for many years been the organiser of Delage Register events both in the UK and abroad, which Toddy and I very much enjoy.

Martin de Little.jpg

Martin de Little


I have owned the 1923 DI for four years, and have done much detailed work on it to bring it up to its present condition.  The car had been in Barcelona where it had been rebodied when the original tourer body was sold.  I have owned several vintage cars, including early Citroens. Annette and I have much enjoyed participating in Delage events, and providing regular articles for the Journal since joining the Register.



Membership Secretary

Colin Swinbourne


I have been a member of the Register for twenty years, and have been building a DIS from parts, which is now nearing completion.  I have assisted the Register, and in the past have been Editor of the Journal, and have now taken on the role of Membership Secretary.  I have had several vintage cars, including an Amilcar, but have particularly enjoyed working on the Delage, and taking part in Delage Register events with Moira.

Sue Owen Website.JPG

Sue Owen (Treasurer)


Mark and I have owned our well travelled 1924 DI for nearly two decades. The car was converted to a tourer in 1947 and has been subjected to many changes since, including a sportier Series 6 DIS engine and gearbox fitted sometime in the 1970's. 

The car has been used for rallies, touring and some light hearted circuit racing and hill climbs. Many holidays have been enjoyed, meandering through France and on several more ambitious adventures.  The Delage has taken us across the Atlas mountains of Morocco, endured the Sahara, crossed the countries of Senegal, Mali, Mauritania and Burkina Faso on-route to Ghana West Africa. 

Hugh McGarel-Groves website.jpeg

Hugh McGarel-Groves Auditor/Committee


I rebuilt my 1927 Delage DM Sport Special with super charger over a 6 year period from 2006 and then competed it successfully at many hill climbs and sprints, until I decided the time had come to cease competing and sold the car in 2019 to its current German owner. I would like to find a Delage DIS or DISS to replace my DM Sport.


Peter Jacobs (2).png
Committee Member
Peter Jacobs / Keeper of the Records

I have owned my 1927 DMS Tourer since 1962 which I then restored, and took part in many events both in the UK and abroad.  I also purchased a 1925 DISS from the USA in 2010, which I am restoring.  I was a founder member of the Delage Association which later became the Delage section of the Vintage Sports Car Club. I am proud to have been President of the Delage Register for many years, and Rose and I have enjoyed many Register events I have kept the records and history of Delage and have found approximately 1300 surviving Delage worldwide. 


Mike Tebbett photo 2.jpg

Mike Tebbett

I joined the Delage Register some years ago after acquiring an Edwardian restoration project from France but when a DI was offered to me the Edwardian was moved on to another owner.  I am pleased to say that car is now up running.  My DI is a very early model from 1924 that had been totally and beautifully rebuilt mechanically but needed the bodywork restored.  Much has been done, and the French woodworm have all been evicted but there is still I am afraid much to do.  I admit to allowing myself to be too easily distracted by the several other motorcars in the motor house that include examples of Amilcar, Austin Seven, Donnet and GN.  I do however get immense satisfaction from editing the Delage Journal and communicating with Delage owners from around the world.

Committee Member
Chris Daniell


I have owned a 1928 DR70 Saloon, on which I did extensive work, including rebuilding the engine, gearbox and suspension. I enjoyed taking part in a rally to France and other Delage Register events.  I have had a number of other vintage cars as well as owning a Derby Bentley Sunbeam Tourer.  I have produced a memory stick for members containing technical information compiled from articles in all previous Delage Journals.  Meryl and I continue to enjoy Delage events.


Richard Thomson.jpg
Committee Member

Richard Thomson

I acquired my first D8 in 1986, having gone to a dealer to purchase a Bentley, but found a Delage instead!!  I now have seven Delage amongst a collection of vintage and classic cars.  Ann and I have joined several Delage events which we have enjoyed immensely.


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